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2 lanes of Cumberland Ave. closed for 2 months

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Campus ministry is a beacon to UT students


With NBC's "A.D. The Bible Continues" premiering on Easter Sunday, we're taking a closer look at Christianity in East Tennessee.

UT students transform scrap metal into masterpieces

For months University of Tennessee students have worked on projects for the Dogwood Arts Festival, and on Friday, they finally got the chance to showcase their masterpieces.

The art students unveiled their creations at the Knoxville Convention Center at 11 a.m. Friday. With the help of Gerdau Steel, who donated three tons of scrap metal, students turned recycled metal into art.

Children's Hospital plans detours for Cumberland Ave. construction

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Study: UT has $1.6B impact on Tennessee

(WBIR) The University of Tennessee has a $1.6 billion impact on the state, according to a new study by UT's Center for Business and Economic Research.

The university is scheduled to announce the full results next week.

Researchers said UT is a major economic player because of the number of employees, the investment in the community, and how much students spend outside the university each year.

UT expansion could demolish historic homes

UT adds parking garage solar panels as part of teaching project

(WBIR) A new $500,000 teaching and research tool now sits on top of the 11th street garage on the University of Tennessee's campus.

Crews recently installed solar panels and plan to add more vehicle charging stations as part of a new project. It's mean to make campus more energy efficient while also giving students the chance to develop and study new solar technologies.

University officials said they hope this will set the university apart.