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Tailgaters leave a big orange mess near Neyland Stadium | Community Spirit

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Tailgaters leave a big orange mess near Neyland Stadium
Tailgaters leave a big orange mess near Neyland Stadium

More than 102,000 people headed to Neyland Stadium on Saturday to watch the Vols take on Florida.

That makes for a lot of trash.

Cleanup crews have been out since late Saturday night picking up what they say is the largest mess they have seen in years.

The trash piled up Saturday night, but as thousands left Neyland stadium headed for home, dozens of crews began picking up your mess.

The real deep cleaning began bright and early Sunday morning. 

Sandra Britt overseas more than two dozen employees as they pick up Neyland Stadium.

A company out of Maryville is contracted to clean the messy seats and UT employees clean the inside.

"We'll make sure the east side and west side skyboxes are cleaned up," said Britt, "Our contractor has about 70 employees they start at 7:00 a.m."

While Sandra watches over the crews in the seats, Jason Cottrell supervises the crews picking up all of your tailgating trash outside.

"We haven't seen this type of tailgating garbage in 3 to 4 years," said Cottrell.

Cottrell has about 35 employees who start cleaning on Sunday at 6:00 a.m. and go until the campus is spotless.

They cover about 600 acres, and Cottrell says the amount of trash they have picked up has gone down since they started handing out trash bags and added more recycling cans.

All of the trash outside on campus will be cleaned up by the end of the day on Sunday, but Neyland Stadium will continue to be cleaned through Wednesday.

After the cleanup, crews will begin prepping for the next game.

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