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Football fans take support for Dooley to the "Rock" | Community Spirit

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Football fans take support for Dooley to the "Rock"
Football fans take support for Dooley to the "Rock"

Following the third SEC loss this season, and two tough opponents ahead, Coach Derek Dooley's future with the UT football program has become the subject of debate among fans.

Sunday morning, the "Rock" on campus displayed a message apparently calling for the coach's firing along with a list of the artist's disappointments.

Days later, Dooley supporters went to the same place to counter that note with their own message.

"Who would want to come take this job, especially with the negativity?" asked fan Trish Nabers who painted a positive message. "I think we have the right man. I'm going to please ask Vol fans to be patient, because we were left with a pretty spare cupboard."

Her group's painting was quickly erased by another, who showed an even brighter display of support for the team.

"I think people will be talking a little different after we beat Alabama," said Josh Cruze who painted the message 'We Dooley Believe In Tennessee' on the rock.

"I can remember growing up as a kid, going to games where I could barely hear myself think. Now it's kind of like, with the Florida game and other games, people walking out with nine minutes left to play. I don't care if we are down by 20," he said.



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