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Tennessee fans remember Alabama rivalry history | News

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Tennessee fans remember Alabama rivalry history
Tennessee fans remember Alabama rivalry history

As the Volunteers prepared to face Alabama this weekend, fans remember the history behind their long-standing rivalry.

"So, you going make me a prediction on the ball game?" Rusty Manis asked one of his customers at the Western Plaza Barber Shop Friday afternoon.

He remembers former UT coaches who led historic teams.

"We've had several good coaches through the years. We've had Neyland, then Majors, then Fulmer."

Among the memories fans remember best: a 1982 Tennessee win under coach Johnny Majors. That victory ended an 11 year Alabama winning streak.

Fans recall the successful Peyton Manning years, as well as a narrow loss to Alabama in 2009 after a blocked field goal.

Looking forward to Saturday, Manis remains hopeful for the Volunteers.


"If we do win it, it could be the biggest game you ever watched," he said, acknowledging Alabama's current top rank.

"That little underdog is the one that beats you every now and then, and messes your whole year up!"


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