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Funding approved to design bathrooms for Market Square | News

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Funding approved to design bathrooms for Market Square

New public bathrooms in Knoxville's Market Square are one step closer to becoming a reality.

Porta potties have been used in the past for festivals and events, but Mayor Madeline Rogero says there's been a desire for some time to have permanent bathroom facilities in the busy downtown area.

"When I announced this in my budget last year that got the biggest round of applause, the biggest response actually. Anybody whose spent time downtown they recognize how important this will be," said Rogero.

Rogero budgeted $250,000 for the restrooms.

Right now, visitors to Market Square have to enter a business to use the restrooms.

Employees at Union Avenue Books told 10News last April that people frequently come into the store to use theirs.

"Back when they had Sundown in the City, there was always porta potties but there was also not nearly as much day-to-day traffic on the square as there is now. So I can certainly believe that some public bathrooms would be a positive thing," John Post said.

But not everyone agreed that adding the bathrooms was the right move.

"I think on the surface it's a good idea but already we're seeing problems with squatters camping out all day. If it's not controlled carefully, Market Square could become their permanent residence," Paul Karlsson, co-owner of CitiFid-o, said.


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