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Pageant for kids emphasizes natural beauty | Events

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Pageant for kids emphasizes natural beauty
Pageant for kids emphasizes natural beauty

A staple of baby beauty pageants is toddlers in tiaras, glitter, and glamour.

An upcoming pageant stressing a more natural approach.

Summer Blalock is Ms. Tennessee United States, a pageant coach, and a pageant judge.

She started competing in beauty pageants at age 8.

"I was very clumsy and very shy as a child and now that I've done pageants I've completely changed. I'm outgoing, I'm free spirited," Summer Blalock said.

Nevaeh Lawson is nine years old who has also competed. "They're fun and I get to put on makeup," she said.

Beauty pageants are a chance to play dress up with her mom's help.

"She does my makeup, my hair, and she helps me put my dress on," Nevaeh said.

Chardonae Lowe said, "I had a little boy first and it's the football and the sports and things like that and then she came along and I have my little dress up doll now."

Chardonae Lowe's daughter Jasmine is about to enter her second pageant. She's two months old.

Angela Sammons' daughter Rylea has entered seven beauty pageants. Rylea is almost two.

"A couple of them they do the full glitz and they have the big hair and everything but none of them, they don't do the fake teeth, they don't do the spray on tans" Angela Sammons said.

She wants to steer her daughter away from what she calls full glitz.

"At her age, not yet. Maybe when she gets older I'm not opposed to it but right now I just don't think it's appropriate for her age," she said.

So she's hosting her own pageant as part of Pageant Face Productions. Contestants can win trophies and prizes with no heavy makeup required.

"I love the atmosphere and I love how all the parents come together and all the girls get along so good," she said.

She describes her Little Pumpkin Pageant as natural semi-glitz. Sunday dresses are fine. It's at the Knoxville Museum of Art October 21st. Bring a canned food donation for the Salvation Army.

"It's just going to be a fun family experience because afterwards you can also go and tour the museum," Sammons said.

Summer Blalock will judge the Little Pumpkin Pageant this Sunday.

"I'm just looking for a girl who is having fun you can tell they're up there and having a great time. I'm not looking for the glitz look," Blalock said.

The women support the pageant experience for all ages. They are moms and children celebrating natural beauty.

Angela Sammons said, "I hope she's having fun."

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