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Project BeanSprout helps babies born with drug addiction | Families

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Project BeanSprout helps babies born with drug addiction
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Project BeanSprout helps babies born with drug addiction

Expectant mothers with drug addiction give birth to babies addicted to drugs themselves.

An East Tennessee teen has made it her mission to help these babies.

At East Tennessee Children's Hospital, dim lights comfort crying babies suffering from drug withdrawal. The sights and sounds inspired a teenager to ask what she could do to help these babies.

"They said one of the main ways that they're helping these babies go through the withdrawal is comforting them and swaddling them. And what they needed was size-specific blankets because these babies are not premature," Alexandra Christopoulos said.

The Farragut teen came up with a Girl Scout project to make 100 blankets for the babies with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS).

She met her goal then met with politicians, local businesses, and volunteers to expand.

Alexandra Christopoulos calls it Project BeanSprout.

"BeanSprout's trying to help these babies grow and develop and sprout into beautiful children and get them past the stage they're in now," she explained.

Women at a local church are helping with the sewing.

Alexandra has a website where people can volunteer their time, talent, and treasure.

"They can give me donations of their time, sewing or something, or they can give me donations of fabric for the burp cloths and for the blankets," she said.

Local businesses helped her create signs for publicity and spread the word. Tomato Head and SunSpot are two local restaurants helping spread the word to their customers.

Project BeanSprout has grown into a team.

"It has been very rewarding to know that I have a part in this and that I am helping and to know that I am making a difference," she said.

She' s making a difference in the lives of babies born with drug addiction.

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