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UT debuts new treatment for cancer patients | Health

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UT debuts new treatment for cancer patients

UT Medical Center is now treating cancer patients with a new radiotherapy system.

The Varian True Beam system is the latest, most advanced system for delivering radiation treatments for cancer patients. UT is the first medical center in the region to use the technology.

True Beam makes it possible to deliver treatments very precisely, targeting the cancer cells within a millimeter, limiting damage to healthy cells.

"By the beam arching over the patient, continuously changing the beam strength and the shape of the field to color in the target where the tumor is and sparing normal tissues of significant radiation dose. So the better I am at aiming at the target, the better I am at sparing normal tissues, the less chance I'll have at side effects and the better chance I'll have at giving the patient a good result with control of their tumor," explained Dr. Robert Bertoli.

The treatments are also quick, taking about two minutes.

The True Beam can help with several complex cancers, including lung, breast, liver and prostate cancers.


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