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Father: Parts of UT PIKE alcohol story incorrect | News

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Father: Parts of UT PIKE alcohol story incorrect
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Father: Parts of UT PIKE alcohol story incorrect

As 10News reported Monday, University of Tennessee-Knoxville suspended UT's Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity chapter after an alleged "alcohol enema" incident.

The Knoxville Police Department said the incident sent one UT student to the hospital.  Police report finding three other young men passed out inside the PIKE house.

The father of the student who was initially hospitalized spoke with 10News by phone Tuesday night.

Mark Broughton said his son, Alexander (Xander) Broughton, was released from UT Medical Center Sunday around noon. 

The 20-year-old student attended class on the UT campus Monday and Tuesday.

The father said he could not go into major detail yet, but feels some information being reported to the news is incorrect.

"Our family is trying to conduct a thorough investigation.  We will have a statement when the investigation is complete," Mark Broughton said.  "We believe large parts of the story are incorrect."

When asked if he was upset with PIKE, the dad responded, "Absolutely not.  Our son takes full responsibility for his own actions."

Meanwhile, UT Police released an incident report Tuesday. 

Police name 27 people in the report.  Only two people were not classified as UT students.  13 people were listed as knowing personal information about the incident.  13 people were marked as suspects.

Xander Broughton was listed as a victim in the report.

According to the paperwork, only one person faces a charge.  A 19-year-old male student was charged with disorderly conduct.

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