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Father of UT student says 'alcohol enema' never happened | News

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Father of UT student says 'alcohol enema' never happened
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Father of UT student says 'alcohol enema' never happened

The father of the 20-year-old University of Tennessee student who went to the hospital with a dangerously high blood alcohol level after an alleged 'alcohol enema', told 10News the incident never happened and that Knoxville police officers originated the idea.

Mark Broughton said his son, Xander, instead was taking part in a game called "Tour de Franzia," in which participants race to finish the box of wine first.

"Unfortunately, my son won," Broughton said.

He added that, through his own investigation, he has discovered that his son's liver was "fried," which he alleges could not have taken place if his son had used an "alcohol enema," where the sole purpose is to bypass the liver.

Early Saturday morning, Knoxville police responded to UT Medical Center after Xander Broughton was brought in with a blood alcohol level of more than .40. 

According to a University of Tennessee police report, Broughton's cousin, John Patrick Carney, eventually told KPD investigators that his cousin's condition had been caused by an "alcohol enema" that had taken place at the Pike fraternity house on campus.

That launched an investigation into the situation, which has resulted in a 30-day suspension from Pi Kappa Alpha national leaders and an indefinite suspension from UT. UTPD also issued 12 citations for underage consumption along with one citation for disorderly conduct.

Mark Broughton said he has a signed affidavit from Carney and another witness denying that Carney provided police with the information.

Instead, Broughton accused KPD officers of having a "preconceived notion" about what happened and "pressuring" those interviewed to substantiate the facts.

Broughton added that the chapter leaders are collecting signed affidavits from every member of the fraternity. Those affidavits reportedly deny that the alcohol enemas took place on the night in question or ever.

Justin Buck, executive vice president of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, said that effort is being organized by the local chapter members and "is not a course of action that has been advised by our office."

Buck went on to say that national leaders are not attempting to dispute any police reports.

"The international fraternity is committed to partnering with the university and cooperating with all ongoing investigations."

A Knoxville police spokesman declined to comment on the matter.

A university spokeswoman also declined to comment pending the release of the full UTPD report.

Check back for more on this developing story throughout the day.

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