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Real life serial killer is story behind haunted house | News

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Real life serial killer is story behind haunted house
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Real life serial killer is story behind haunted house

A cob web covered gate opens to a spooky gray house tucked into Knoxville's Old City.

"Your typical haunted house, a lot of it is chain saws and hockey masks and things like that. This is something that I think will reach people on an internal level. It's real," Trent Harvey said.

Trent Harvey explained the back story built on a real life killer.

"The doctor's name is Herman Webster Mudgett. He goes by Henry Howard Holmes actually is his more well-known alias. He was known as America's first serial killer," he said.

There are holes in the killer's biography filled in by Devious Creation's Terror in the Old City.

Their legend contends Henry Howard Holmes came to Knoxville after he was run out of Chicago then moved into what became a real life house of terror.

"The house itself, we've had to come in and reconstruct to what we thought it would be because during the deconstruction and the search for bodies a lot of damage occurred so we tried to restore it as well as we could," Harvey said.

It is true that more that a hundred years ago the doctor lured people in to a building, a hotel, where they could stay for the 1893 World's Fair.

"He constructed a three story mansion in Chicago which he built with the express purpose of killing people," he explained. "When they were sleeping at night he would gas them and then put them into different places and just hold them and torture them and do horrible things," he said.

The house in the old city captures the terror of those real life victims at the hands of America's first serial killer.

Terror in the Old City will be open Halloween night and Friday and Saturday from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

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